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Facilitator at your next Workshop or Planning Meeting

Steven is a highly skilled facilitator. He is often called in to work with clients' strategic planning meetings, think tank meetings and similar.

Who benefits and what is in it for me? 

Your company will have a unique way of doing things. That is your culture. When you engage SSAL to provide a training programme or workshop for your business you will be getting a programme that fits with how you like things done. (it will be unlikely you will be given an "off the shelf" solution to your needs.)
For example, prior to starting a Key Account Management or Sales Training Programme, Steven will spend time in the field (usually two days) with your sales people to see first hand what a normal day looks like, who your customers are and how they relate to your sales people (and vice versa).
Steven is able to pick up the subtleties of different personalities and work with these to deliver programmes that get results (His D.Phil in Behavioural Psychology has its uses!)
The benefits to you are a practical, relevant and customised programme that gives you real "bang for your buck".

Training Workshops

Negotiating the MINDfield

The science and art of dealing with problematic staff and prickly personalities. This workshop covers these topics and can include more topics of your choosing in line with our policy of personalization and flexibility:

  • How to have the hard discussion without fear
  • Getting folks to shape up or ship out cost effectively
  • Nipping negative behaviour in the bud
  • Recognizing team dynamics and when some people are playing victim or crying foul
  • 7 steps to counselling the difficult personality
  • Recognizing, understanding and accepting different personality styles
  • Customized case studies are included

You will gain the confidence and strength to deal with difficult people issues with purpose and without stress.

Presented as a one or two day workshop for between 8 - 15 participants.

Stepping up from Team Member to Team Leader

Workshop topics include:

  • Make the mental transition from being a colleague and friend to being their boss
  • How to avoid the mistake of relying on positional power to get respect: Personal power is needed
  • Engaging with your team to build a solid bridge
  • It is OK to be hard on behaviour and just remember it is Ok to be soft on the person
  • When and how to coach, counsel and discipline
  • Why it is important to both outline and enforce expectations
  • Give feedback: apply to 2:1 rule (2 praisings 1 criticism)
  • Its all about fun!

You will learn how to be a leader, manage issues, build a positive team culture, stay in control and have fun.

Presented as a one or two day workshop for between 8 - 15 participants.


Success in Sales

Become a super sales person by effective use of your time and energy.  The contents of this workshop include:

  • Discover the Common Denominators to Success in Sales
  • It is all about focus and energy - get the body and mind right
  • Cut to the Chase: Qualify and always be closing
  • Accept failure and move on - failure is an event not a person
  • Don't waste time "milking mice" - stick to the big stuff
  • Avoid negative people: they will suck energy
  • Take breaks: learn to recognize when more is less
  • Have a process and surrender to it
  • Do not talk too much - a closed mouth gathers no foot!

You will get a shot in the arm and some not so gentle reminders about what you should be doing (and already know) but are not.

Presented as a half or one day workshop for between 10 - 25 participants.


Recruiting for Success

A powerful and instructive programme for all business managers to help them avoid the pain and cost of a bad hire.  The workshop will include:

  • Get your process right: start at the beginning and specify the role before you describe the person
  • Use the six point appraisal process to cover all bases
  • Use structured behavioural interview methods - questions to ask and what the answers should be!
  • Check references.
  • Look out for liars : they are everywhere
  • Listen to your gut feel - it is usually right
  • Understand and use psychometric testing - these are an important part of the process especially in respect to fit to role and fit to company culture.

You will come away from this workshop with a tool kit for future hires that will improve your hit rate.

Presented as a half or one day workshop for 5 - 15 participants.

Customized Workshops or Programmes

SSAL will customize to suit our clients, based on these themes:

  • How to Thrive on Stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Making better use of my time
  • Building productive Teams
  • Creating a client focussed service culture
  • Culture change
  • Dealing with workplace bullying - both leaders and staff members

Feedback, Comments and Assessments:

"Easy and relaxed manner"
"Extremely knowledgeable on the subject, shows a depth of experience and this was clear throughout the course"
"Uses many practical examples that I can relate to"
"Informative, fast-moving, very funny and still very professional"
"Totally uplifting and motivating experience"

"I have my assessment reports in by now and in a rating of 1-5, the Branch Managers without exception have given you a 5. Enough said".



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