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Keynote, Guest and After Dinner Speaking

Steven has served as Master of Ceremonies and Speaker at hundreds of workshops, conferences and seminars throughout Australasia over the last three decades. Steven is able to combine verve, wit and professionalism to guarantee that your next workshop will run to agenda and that the attendees will gain maximum value from both Speaker and Workshop sessions.

Described as an 'Edutainer', Dr Steven Saunders has earned a well deserved reputation as a one of the top speakers in NZ.

Steven speaks with authority on a wide range of topics. His knowledge of behavioural psychology coupled with 33 years of practical business experience gives Steven the ability to deliver presentations that not only "hit home" but also provide audiences with sensible ideas for getting positive results.

All talks are presented in a sharp manner, punctuated with one-liners, relevant anecdotes and are supported by hard facts and research.

Speaking Topics:

Negotiating the MINDfield

  • An hilarious address that explores the many facets of human motivation and the role of personality in influencing how people get along at work and play.
  • Provides a 'No Holds Barred' approach to dealing with difficult, demanding and prickly personalities and 'Well Poisoning' attitudes.
  • Many case studies depicting common occurrences in the workplace are used to illustrate issues and practical strategies for getting positive outcomes are presented.
  • A must for business managers, leaders, coaches and business owners

How to Thrive on Stress and Stay Sane in a Crazy and Changing World

  • Basically a 'Check-Up from the Neck Up', this talk is a long-time favourite of audiences everywhere.  Entertaining and informing on the perils of becoming trapped in the 'death spiral', the session provides practical and common sense suggestions for getting on top of your game.
  • Reference is made to avoiding the 'CATS' Syndrome, How to deal with 'Monkeys of the Mind' and how not to get caught up with 'Milking Mice'.
  • At the end of the talk you will see things clearly, be energised, have a better perspective on life and will be inspired to put the balance back into your life (you might also have sore sides from laughter!)
  • You will be reminded that you are here for a good time and not a long time.
  • Perfect for opening, closing or after dinner at any business conference. The more technical and dry the main conference matter, the more this topic is needed!  Universal appeal.

The Common Denominators to Success in Sales: Hunters Inc.

  • A Powerful and highly relevant address that examines the attitudes, attributes, values, experiences and activities of a cross-section of New Zealand's high performing commission oriented sales people from the Real Estate Industry through Automotive, Office Equipment, Retail and Financial Services to name a few.
  • Did you know most of the top sales people are academic underachievers? Or that they are 'driver' personalities or that they can be a challenge to manage?
  • Tips on hiring, motivating and retaining winners will give you real 'take home' value.
  • Learn all this and more when Steven will regale your sales conference attendees with 'War Stories' aplenty while providing the low-down on high performing salespeople.
  • A must for your next Regional or National Sales Conference.  For both Sales Managers and Sales Professionals.

The 7 keys to Superior Customer Service.

  • It all begins by knowing who your customers are, what they want and how they like to be treated.
  • But wait - there's more.  Hire the right staff, train them to do the right thing all day, everyday, and love them to death (at least reward them well!) so that they will stay and made your customers happy, and your business prosperous.
  • Learn tips on training and coaching your staff so that they are able to sell effectively by recognising and satisfying the customers needs and wants.
  • An inspiring, motivating and practical address for anyone in the sales and service industries.

Recruiting for Success: or How to build, lead, motivate and retain productive teams.

  • If you had to start from scratch would you hire the team you have got?
  • A fast moving look at the trials, tribulations and traps in hiring staff, and how to look after them once you have them on the team.
  • Understanding why some people go 'off the boil' and how to deal with staff who  do not get along.
  • Steven's Motto - 'A Good Vacancy beats a Bad Hire'
  • Perfect for middle management or HR Professional

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