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Psychometric Assessment and Behavioural Profiling

Staff Assessments

SSAL has provided approximately 33,000 behavioural profiles for our clients from small beginnings in the mid 80's.  Both Glenda and Steve are fully accredited FinxS consultants and currently work with a wide range of businesses helping them with staff assessments, change and cultural issues.

Behavioural Profiling can help answer these questions:

  • Should I hire this person?
  • What are their likely training and developmental needs?
  • Why is this person so difficult to deal with?
  • Why are these people not getting along?
  • What are their hot and cold buttons?
  • What do I need to do more of (and less of) to get the best out of this person?
  • What types of people do I need to hire to balance my team?

Profiling both candidates for hire and existing staff for Teamwork and/or promotion is money well spent.

Here is how it works:

For a first time or one off user call Glenda or send the email details of the person you want profiled and she will take it from there.

When you want to do profile as part of an on-going business process - and most businesses do - then we will set you up with your own branded profile and you will manage your own database of candidates (staff).  We will fully train you in the interpretation and administration of your system.

We are available to assist or discuss results at no further cost.  Each FinxS Behavioural profile will cost $180 + GST. 

Have a look at an example here, but please remember we can set up your own profile with your unique branding.  There is a one off cost of $350.00 to do this but many of our clients chose this option.

Contact Glenda  now to discuss your requirements.