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Business Consultancy and Conflict Resolution

We are the people specialists.  The best use of Steven Saunders & Associates Ltd (SSAL) Services generally involves some degree of customization.  Very rarely do "off the shelf" programmes satisfy the needs of most organizations.  Steven will identify the WELL POISONERS within your culture and provide the necessary advise on how to deal with them.

Business Advice

People are not your most important asset THE RIGHT PEOPLE ARE!  First get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus, make sure they are in the right seats and get on with the job.  Do not waste time trying to motivate people....if you have the right people they will be self motivated. 

Build a consistent system with clear constraints and give people freedom and responsibility within that system...then manage the system not the people.

Remember  "when the real leaders work is done the people say we did it ourselves". 

Conflict Resolution

As one business owner recently said to me:  "If it weren't for the people this would be an easy business to run".
The reality is that people can make or break your business.  As the manager or leader, it is your duty to route out negativity, well poisoning attitudes, and acts of sabotage while working positively and relentlessly toward creating a culture of accountability and success. 
Conflicts can and do occur and can have a debilitating effect on the business. Getting rid of people because they are difficult or often in conflict with others is never easy and not without cost. Buy Stevens Book.
Steven can help identify issues, recommend positive courses of action, counsel and advise as to the way forward potentially saving time, hassles, and worry.

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