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Using proven techniques to help achieve a state of relaxation Steven brings you this 25 minute CD to help you take control of your mind and emotions. Steven's dulcet tones and reassuringly calm voice will take you through the steps required to progress toward a state of calm and then deep relaxation.

The instructions are simple and straightforward. All you need is a quiet, comfortable place free from interruption when you listen to the CD for maximum benefit.

Who will benefit?

Anyone wanting a drug free way to take control of their emotions and to become more effective in controlling their "nerves". Especially useful for those suffering from stress related symptoms, athletes, uptight people, performers and those wishing for less tension and perhaps a better nights sleep.

Warning! Do not under any circumstances, listen to this CD while engaged in any activity that demands your full attention eg.. driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery/heavy equipment.

Relax CD