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Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners 

Positive Strategies for Dealing with Negative People  Second edition now available, orders will be sent via courier Monday - Friday.

Dr Steven Saunders outlines positive strategies for dealing with workplace negativity. Real life stories bring good management practices alive with the best possible outcome and without any costly lawsuits or pay outs!



"Practical, sensible and not too PC, this book should be read by all business owners and managers who have badly behaving staff. Steven's extensive experience and knowledge is clearly evident. He shows you how to get the right result. A good read".  

Sir William Gallagher
Chairman & CEO Gallagher Group Ltd


"It is staggering how timid many managers are at dealing with unacceptable performance (behaviour). There are many (mostly spurious) reasons for this and Steve's book does an excellent job at dispelling them and providing a practical way forward. Compulsory reading for all managers." 

Nick Nightingale
Managing Director/Owner Resene Paints Ltd

"Steve Saunders has provided me with people advice for nearly 20 years. Steve's support and advice has always been invaluable. The advice in this book should be heeded by every employer. You owe it to yourself, your business and others in your team to deal promptly with problems caused by Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners. Thanks for putting this material into a book Steve. Even after all these years, it's still great to consider and heed your advice."

John Sandford
Sandford Consulting