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Steven Saunders & Associates Ltd

Experienced and affordable  expert provider of  HR matters ( including conflict resolution), in-house training programmes, succession planning, recruitment and behavioural profiling.  We deal with people issues in business.

In the beginning (1982) Steven went looking for something more exciting than being a highly successful clinical psychologist, based in Cambridge.  Not  able to find the ideal role he created it and Steven Saunders & Associates Ltd (SSAL) was born.

Things moved quite quickly during the 80's.  SSAL diversified from Steven being a full time highly sort after speaker to a business advisor/consultant. 

The 90's saw the company grow and expand into recruiting, training, behavioural profiling and  speaking.   During this time Steven and Glenda applied new found skills as producers and creators of customized video training modules for businesses including Liquorland, Paykel Engineering, de Laval Overland Shoes and ITM.

The new millennium saw much change.  The speaking business, while still going strong,  has gradually given way to customized in-house training.    The demand for cultural change services is on the rise. Profiling is managed  by Glenda (wife and business partner from the outset) and Steven wrote a book - "Pricks, Losers and Well Poisoners - positive strategies for dealing with negative people"  now in its 4th print run.

In-house workshops including How to deal with Difficult Demanding and Prickly Personalities are a popular alternative to University Short Courses. 


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